Friday, January 6, 2012

Love The Loser's Texts...This One Just In

Loser: Hey . Don't know if you remember , we had a 2 sentence chat on JD. Still my neighbor in ** ? Up for a drink sometime ?
Shabbat shalom.  ;-)

Me: ha. i remember u.
if u want to take me out - call me & set it up

Loser: Omg. It sounds so formal. And I'm such a non formal spontaneous guy. ;-) besides I look at things a lil different. We're going out together (if we do) and not I take you out. Ha.
When is a good time to 'set it up ' for ?

Me: sorry guy! i dont do txts
if ur nt rdy to treat a women properly w/ respect & a call is too hard for u then move on
i also dont do dates w/ boys who dont understand its their role & job to take a woman out. thanks for playin. have a nice day